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A simple personal publishing engine for the web

Hello World

Do we need another publishing platform? You might guess that my answer to that question is, “Yes!” (At least I think we need this one.)

Let’s start by talking about what Ode (pronounced oh-dee) isn’t.

1. It’s not WordPress.

If you’re looking for something that requires a database and 4+ MB worth of PHP, Javascript, and CSS, then you might want to check out that project. I’m not being insincere, I really do think WordPress is pretty good. I think you will too.

2. It’s also not a so-called “microblogging” service like:

These are hosted platforms, which are designed to make it as easy as possible to start a site (typically a weblog) and submit rich media posts. What they do, they do well — and they're getting more capable all the time.

Sounds great. What's the problem?

There isn't necessarily any problem at all. One of these platforms may be perfect for you. However...

The trouble with easy is that someone else is doing most of the work and making all of the decisions on your behalf. That's all well and good until you find something you want to do that isn't being offered.

Easy is always a compromise, and sometimes a trap.

Your choices are very limited. You're stuck with:

Maybe you're ok with that today. However, you won't be the same person tomorrow, or a thousand tomorrows from now. And the terms of service which seem perfectly acceptable today may change as well.

(In every end user license agreement you'll find that the terms can be changed at any time, with very little notice (maybe even none), and at the sole discretion of the provider. Continued use is considered implicit acceptance of the new terms, however generous or egregious.)

If future-you should ever decide to move to another service, you may find that it's not so easy to get your content out, at least not in a useable form.

The problem is lack of control. (That's the ugly side of easy.)

Ode is something different.

Ode is simple.

Is that all there is to it?
Are Legos just interconnectable plastic blocks?
No, that’s just the beginning...

Simple is not always easy, but it is often more effective and rewarding.

Simple is reliable, flexible, empowering, enduring.

Simple is open.

Give simple a try.